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Performance management made easy

Helping Founders & CXOs align teams, measure progress, and build
products that people need and value.

Stay on target with OKR's

Wrky.ai is a goal tracking & analytics system that accelerates
growth by simplifying employee goals and making it easy to
measure your team, customer, and product results.


Spreadsheets: Too much work, hard to scale

Hard to see trends in the Key Results

No workflows

Hard to scale with multiple teams

Docs (Notion/Coda): Simple, but lacking workflows

You often can’t filter OKRs by owners.

There’s no concept of reminders or check-ins.

No Automation

Project management tools (Jira/Asana): too much focus on short-lived outputs

Meant for tasks transition from 'In progress' to 'Done'

No focus on Outcomes

The Podcast for People

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